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Rigby - Pebble Soup Letter Kits

The YETC has the Rigby Pebble Soup Letter Kit (AC 435 R53 P43 Gr. K-1 2005 Pt. 2) available for checkout in the Adopted Curriculum Materials section. For preview purposes, mp3 versions of the CD audio tracks for teaching alphabet sounds are available below. For your information, each file averages around 450K.


A - Acting for Alice Alligator

B - Baby, Stop Crying

C - Caroline the Cooking Cat

D - A Desk for Dinah

E - An Envelope for Edna

F - Fay the Firedog

G - Golfing with Goldie

H - A House for Harry the Horse

I - An Invitation to Imagine

J - Jeep for Sale

K - A K Day for Kalli

L - Leo the Ladder Builder

M - The Moon at Midnight

N - My Nifty Nose!

O - A Octagon for an Octopus

P - Puppies, Ponies, and Piglets

Q - The Queen's Quiz Show

R - The Rainbow Report

S - Sal the Seed Saleswoman

T - Telephone Talk

U - Uncovering the Umbrella

V - A Voyage in the Van

W - Close Up With Wanda

X - X Marks the Spot

Y - Yodeling with Yancy the Yak

Z - The Zesty Z Show