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Our only purpose for posting this page is to make the YETC clipart more conveniently available to YETC patrons. This clipart should be used ONLY for educational or personal use. They should not be published, sold, or redistributed in any manner.

Clipart the YETC purchased

Carolee McMullen Clipart Collection (200 black and white images by Carolee McMullin, who runs the Carolee's Creations store in Hyde Park. A very popular collection.)

College of Education & Human Services Purchase

Corel WordPerfect Office 2002 Photo Collection (400 color images)

DJ Doodlers and DJ Through the Year Collections (300 Black and White images - a very popular collection)

Key ClipMaster Pro Clipart Collection (5000 high quality B&W line art images)

MasterClips Vector Image Clipart Collection (Approximately 300,000 color and black and white clipart images that have been converted from vector clipart to jpeg for easy access from the internet.)

MasterClips Dover Clip Art Collection (Approximately 42,000 black and white clipart images. A fun collection of older images.)

MasterClips Fine Art Clipart Collection - (Approximately 20,000 color images from early artists, old post cards, packages, greeting cards, etc. Another fun collection of older images.)

MasterClips Photo Collection (Approximately 60,000 color and black & white photos on most every subject)

PageMaker 7.0 Clipart (500 color images)

Photoshop Elements 1.01 Clipart (100 color images)