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MasterClips Vector Clipart Collection

Important Note: The YETC keeps a color catalog of this clipart collection at the front desk, which you may use in the YETC. You'll need to leave your activity card at the desk while you have the book.

The YETC purchased the MasterClips collection for use by its patrons. We felt the most convenient access would be through our website, rather than checking out, installing, and using the 50+ CD-ROMs on any of the computers. However, vector clipart is saved in a format that is not commonly used on the internet. We have converted the vector clipart to bitmap clipart and saved them in JPG format. Some vector clipart images had trouble in the translation, so you may run across a few images in this collection that are totally black, or that make no sense as a picture - these didn't translate across properly. However, these constitute less than 1% of all the images in this collection, so it was still worth the effort to make them available this way. If you need vector images - please see the Director of the YETC, and he'll get out the CD-ROMs for you.