Unit Culmination Activities


Mountain Man Visit



  • The students will see how a mountain man dresses
  • The students will learn what is put in a possibles bag.
  • The students will learn how a beaver is trapped.
  • The students will learn how a flintlock rifle is shot. 


In my opinion, there is no better way to learn than to have a reenactment of the real thing. Inviting a person who has researched about mountain men to come and share his knowledge with the children is one of the most exciting ways I know of to share the knowledge.



Orientation/Anticipatory Set
  1. Tell the students that we will be having a visitor come to our class. Remind them that we need to show him and his property respect.
  2. Introduce the "mountain man."

Lesson Development:

Allow the mountain man to speak to the class for a thirty minutes. Allow students to ask questions when he is finished speaking.


After the "mountain man" leaves, assign the students to write thank-you notes to him. In their thank you notes they must include two things that they learned during his presentation.


Assessment Plan:

The thank-you notes will be read to see what the students said they learned.



A "mountain man" who has researched and knows his stuff. (I invited Steve Murdock, a member of the board of trustees of the American West Heritage Center.)


Other Culmination Activities
  1. Mountain Men Poetry

    The teacher will read the poem, The Trapper’s Life, by Gregory Walker. The children need to demonstrate their understanding on mountain men by writing a poem about what they have learned. The structure of the poem is very loose. They may write a poem about any part of the unit they want. Materials: A copy of The Trappers Life poem. Time needed: approx. 45 minutes

  2. Rendezvous Field Trip

    As a culminating activity, the children can attend a rendezvous held in Blacksmith Fork Canyon and can stay overnight with a guardian. Materials: permission slips. Time: Two days.

  3. Hike Time

    The students will be able to identify some of the plants used by mountain men for various purposes. After getting permission, take the students on a hike up Green Canyon and look closely at the plants in the canyon. Talk about the different ways mountain men used plants to survive. Materials: Permission slips. Time: 2 hours


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