Thanksgiving Unit

for 2nd Grade Students


Created by: Kim Howe, Nicole Lamb, and Wade Garrett

Completed as part of the requirements for El Ed 4050 Fall Semester, 1999, Jay Monson, Course instructor, USU.

Table of Contents of our unit is as follows:

  • Schematic Web  
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Unit Assessment Procedures 
  • Additional Sources Available
  • Unit Activities 
  • Initiation
  • Development
  • Culminating 
  • Integration of Social Studies 
  • Integration of Language Arts 
  • Integration of Music
  • Integration of Math 
  • Integration of Science
  • Integration of Art  
  • Integration of Physical Education
  • Extra Activities



Lesson Plan

Pilgrims and Native Americans/Thanksgiving

Subject or Topic: Language Arts/Social Studies

Date: November 9, 1999

Time: Afternoon (1:45)

1. Objective(s): Students will begin to identify: why the Pilgrims came to America; how they adjusted to life in America; what impact the Native Americans had on the survival of the Pilgrims; and what events brought about the First Thanksgiving.

2. Motivation: Teacher should engage students interest by reading the book The First Thanksgiving by Jean Craighead George, and illustrated by Thomas Locker.

3. Method(s): After reading the book to students, the teacher should ask students to retell the events of the story. Teacher may have students categorize the events into a Pilgrim list and a Native American list. Teacher should also explain the story is only on e version of the first Thanksgiving. After the class has created a list of events and retold the story, the teacher should hand out a blank little book (6-8 half or quarter page size) to each student. Teacher will instruct the students to rewrite, and illustrate the story for themselves.

4. Material(s): Book: The First Thanksgiving by Jean Craighead George, mini book for each child, art materials for illustrations (if students do not have their own), and chalk for blackboard list.

5. Assessment Procedure(s): Teacher will assess student learning through the mini-book each student creates.

6. Personal Evaluation: Did students understand story? Did the students enjoy this activity?


7. Extension(s): Teacher may have students write the Thanksgiving story from the Native American Point of view. Teacher may share a Thanksgiving story from this point of view. Teacher may include a short cross-word puzzle for identifying specific events. Teacher may have students role play the book, The First Thanksgiving.

Lesson plan created by Nicole Lamb.

Additional Resources:


Thanksgiving: Our Holidays and What They Mean

Thanksgiving Holiday: A Pilgrim First Clearvere, Inc.

1 Film Strip/1 Cassette Tape

7 minutes

Books on Tape

Best Thanksgiving Book. Whitehead. Pat Troll Associates. 1985

1 Cassette, 6 Paperbooks, 1 Teacher Guide

I Can Read About Thanksgiving. Anderson. J.I. Troll Associates. 1977.

1 Cassette, 10 Paperbooks, 1 Teacher Guide

Feature Films

Walt Disney Productions film: Pocahontas

Copyright permission required for showing

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