Sarah Roylance
Brad Gibson


Anasazi Culture


Objective: The students will understand the cultural and historical development of the Anasazi Indians. The students will identify different time periods, cultures, and artifacts about the Anasazi people.

Materials: Pictures of Anasazi artifacts, rock art, and living areas. Article, "A day in the life of an Anasazi Girl," from Zinj magazine, November Issue.

Introduction: Ask the students what they know about the Anasazi Indians.


  • Give a brief outline about the Anasazi Indians and the five time periods, Basketmaker II, Basketmaker III, Pueblo I, Pueblo II, and Pueblo III.
  • Include the similarities and differences between each time period.
  • Show pictures during the discussion.
  • Depending on the day talk about the time, culture, or how we know these things to be true (artifacts).

Closure: 1. Day 1- How much time is in each of the five periods? What was the main thing going on in this time period? How is it different from the other time periods?

A. Next they will make a timeline. Separate them into groups with two or three people per group to use rock art, petroglyphs, or another medium of art to visually represent the time periods

2. Day 2 - Ask the students questions such as: What makes a culture? What were the Anasazi people's food, activities, or homes like? Write the answers.

B. Next separate the students into three groups. They will make a visual representation of the Anasazi culture. One group on food, one on activities and one on homes.

3. Ask the students questions about artifacts. How do we know the things that we know? What are artifacts? How do artifacts help us?

C. The students will individually make cards with artifacts and descriptions on them. On the front they will draw the picture of the artifact, then on the middle they will write what the object is, and what it was used for, and if they know, what time period it was used.

Evaluation: Check for understanding during the discussion and closure activities. Show the finished bulletin board to the students as a review.

Extension: The students can write fictional stories of their own about an Anasazi child similar to the story about the Anasazi girl in the magazine.

Resources: Intrigue of the Past,


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