Unit Assessment Procedures


Mountain Man Bulletin Boards



  • Students will research about a specific mountain man.
  • The students will find pictures of their explorer
  • The students will create a picture of their explorer.
  • The students will know the birth and death date of their explorer.
  • The students will map where the explorer has been.
  • The students will share two interesting stories about their explorer to the class.
  • The students will share the discoveries their explorer is best known for.
  • The students will know some other personal information about their explorer.
  • The students will display all of the above information on a bulletin board. 


The students will be able to better understand the life of mountain men by in-depth research of one of them. 


Orientation/Anticipatory Set
Pass out a rubric of what is expected of this presentation to the students. Tell the students that they are going to research one explorer/mountain man in groups. Each group will research a different mountain man. Explain that they will be graded on the bulletin board they make from their research, the presentation of what they learned to the class, and what work they contributed.

Lesson Development

  1. Assign the students to have different duties within each group so that each person is contributing. They can choose who does what if they can agree.
  2. Allow the students to research and put their boards together for a couple days. Provide them help with finding resources and anything else they need.


  1. Have time for them to present their bulletin boards to the class. Grade them by the rubric made. (My rubric is attached.)
  2. Meet with the groups and discuss with them how they should use the rubric to grade themselves.


Assessment Plan:

Allow the students to grade themselves based on the requirements of the rubric. Grade them separately from their individual assessments and compare them.



  • Rubrics for each child
  • Resources for students to use
  • Internet and Computers
  • Art supplies
  • Bulletin Boards



Other Assessment Procedures
  1. Beaver Dam Table

    Have the students build a beaver dam scene on a table. It should include mountain men, beaver, traps, beaver dams, beaver lodges, tents, and anything else students can think of to include. It is essential that all students have some way of participating. Materials: Paper, pens, pencils, paint, clay, sticks, mud, fabric, markers, butcher paper, rocks, any other item used to decorate. Time: 30 minutes a day over a week.

  2. Tall-tale Stories

    Allow students to write tall tales about mountain man life. For this to be a unit assessment activity, they will need to include true parts from different parts of the unit. For example, they could describe the clothing, tell about trapping beaver in detail, talk about their flintlocks, etc. Have them share their tall tales with the class. Materials: Pencil and paper. Time needed: 1hour spread over two days

  3. Mountain Man Costume

    The teacher will need to bring all the supplies, while the children will be instructed to make a mountain man costume to wear to the rendezvous. This activity should take place after the attire of mountain men has been discussed. Materials: donated material (if possible), any odds and ends you have at home, rope, tape, string, glue, etc. Time: approx.30 minutes.


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