Social Studies

1st Grade

UNIT: Maps

CONCEPT: Understanding and following a map to successfully get to a predetermined destination

INTRODUCTION: Present to the class pieces of a very old looking map, and try to figure out what location the map is representing. Tape the pieces together to figure out it's of the school, and the map is telling us where buried treasure can be found.

GOALS: Students will be able to read and follow a map in a treasure hunt to find the location of the treasure. Students will demonstrate their knowledge/understanding of symbols, keys on a map, and directions by following the map with ease. Students will be able to create a logical, accurate treasure hunt map themselves.

PROCEDURES: After the class figures out where the map is located, decide what the next plan of action will be. If they want to find the treasure, they have to use the map accurately (make sure the map isn't too obvious nor too hard for students). They must figure out, using the key, what certain things in the school are represented. Divide the class into partners, providing each couple with a copy of the map. With a parent or other volunteer by their sides, each couple will take turns looking for the treasure. Try using creating things beyond candy to be the "buried treasure". Perhaps use baby pictures of the students to be that special, valuable treasure. Make sure the parent/volunteer observes how they locate the treasure with their knowledge of keys and symbols. They must not help the students. After every couple has found their treasure, show the class how to make their own old looking maps on paper of a special place of theirs.

Criterion might include:

To make the maps look old:



Observe students ability to find the "treasure" by using a map. Each student must explain how he/she used the map, including proper explanation of the symbols, directions, labeling, and the key that appeared on the map. All criteria must be met on the maps they created to be acceptable.

SOURCES: My idea.



Our unit is designed to teach primary grade basic map skills. It includes lessons on directions, symbols, keys (or legends), and the use of a variety of maps. Ideas on integration and other non developed lesson plans/activities on maps are included. Other resources including websites, phone numbers, books, a video, and a CD-ROM are listed. Ideas for objectives are taken from Utah Core Curriculum in first grade Social Studies.

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