Web Resource Guide

This website is jam packed with information for teachers and students. It includes lesson plans and a page called "Best Practices", however you need to email to get a password. or

Two websites that offer a wealth of lesson plans. Included are activites, mini-lecutres and objectives. The lesson plans are divided into subject areas and then by the titles (By topic, then grade level).

Choose lesson plans by grade level, current events, geography, etc. Includes a section on government and voting. Also includes links to other lesson plans.

Lists of lesson plans. Includes age appropriate guides and also credits where the lesson plan came from.

Sources for teachers, parents and children from Time Magazine for Kids. You can search for relevant articales on current events related to topic (ex. Voting)

A place for primary and intermediate level teachers to find lesson plans and resources. Includes Social Studeies an with various lesson plans in topics such as voting and government.

Book Resources for Teachers


Center for Civic Education. We The People. ISBN: 0-89818-110-0, pg. 130-136

A book with lesson plans and activities, on several government topics. It covers the history of voting as well as voting regulations today.


Parkinson, Rebecca, & Coleman, Tamra. , Politics and Zoos. What's the Difference? A Study of Elections. YETC, Utah State University: Units and Lesson Plans, number 1225. Pg. 4, 7-8, 10, 35-42, 60.

A unit built around becoming involved in elections. Ideas of how to teach about voting, as well as other topics and activities.


Christensen, Tonya & Stevens, Holly. Elections in the United States. YETC, Utah State University: Units and Lesson Plans, number 1225. Pg. 10-11, 15-17, 23-33.

Ideas and information on teaching about politics, including the voting process. Includes activities such as word puzzles, songs, and children's literature.


Davis, James E, & Fernlund, Phyllis Maxey. Civics. ISBN: 0-201-46545-0. Pg. 474-477, 456-459.

A textbook used in teaching students about government in upper grade levels. This book can be adapted to teach lower grade levels using the information and simplifying FONT COLOR="#006600">This is a whole packet of textbook, videotape, and CD-ROM about the US Government. This is an excellent resource for teachers on the topic of voting.


Government and Citizenship Resources. Win/Mac CD-ROM - YETC Utah State University, number 034692.

This is a great resource on CD-ROM to help teachers and students learn about our responsibilities as citizens and what we can do to be a part of the government.

Community Resources


* Visit Mayor's office

* Local candidates come and talk to the class

* Have a registration agent come to class

* Go to the County Clerk's office to visit

* See a voting machine

* Have an older person in the community come and talk about what voting was like when they were young

* Visit a voting booth on election day