Culminating Activities



As the children learn throughout the unit and participate in several various learning activities, make sure to document their growth. Record the things they do periodically with a video recorder and camera. Be sure to include all of the students. As the unit comes to a close, take time to interview the children on what they learned and their favorite aspects of the unit. Record these interviews on the video camera. By the time the unit has come to a close, you should have a great video showing their growth. Schedule a day when students are able to enjoy themselves on the video. Depending on school policy, treats may be brought and shared. By watching this video, it will enhance their excitement for the unit, and work as a wonderfully enjoyable review of all their leanings and accomplishments. Materials: video camera, camera, records of projects and activities throughout unit, TV, VCR, treats (optional). Time: 45 min (varies).



Note: This may be a rather large event, so the entire 3rd grade or even school may want to participate. Schedule in advance for several of the prominent figures of the community to come and share what they do and drive with the children. Some possibilities follow. Firemen could bring fire trucks and tell what different parts are for and how they respond quickly to calls. Police officers could show their vehicles and explain how technology has helped them with their work. The mail carrier could tell how they organize their routes and why they sit on the opposite sides of the car. There are several other options depending on the city and size. After the children have a chance to tour all of the displays and hear the figures speak about their jobs, the class can have a large discussion on how they feel about their community. This is a good time to bring up all they have learned throughout the unit. Have the children record the aspect they found the most fascinating through any form they choose. Share the children's responses. Materials: paper, pencil, and previously arranged community figures. Time: 120 min (varies).

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