Alleman, T.  "Children's Literature in the Social Studies Curriculum."
This site offers a literature approach to teaching students about responsible decision- making.   It uses Dr. Seuss's, The Lorax to create the atmosphere for a wise choices discussion. 

Billings, H  (1991).  Great Heroes.  Austin.;  Steck~Vaughn. 
Location:  YETC
This book gives a mini-biography about persons who are greatly respected such as Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc, Chief Joseph and so on. 

Boehm, R.  (1997).  Meeting Many People.  New York:  Harcourt Brace. 
Location:  YETC
This book covers all of the areas of Social Studies however pages 20-24 give good teacher questions dealing with respect, laws and responsibilities in the community. 

Brady, Janeen.  (1981)  "Honesty."  Brite Music Enterprises Inc.  Sound Column Productions and Bonneville Productions

Brady, Janeen.  (1981)  "Obedience."  Brite Music Enterprises Inc.  Sound Column Productions and Bonneville Productions

Carroll, J. A. (1988). Let's Learn About Getting Along with Others. IL: Good Apple Inc.
Location: Dr. Byrnes's books.
This book was full of activities that related to sharing, getting along, making friends and dealing with rules.  These some of these activities would be great to implement into this unit.

Davidson, E.  & Schniedewind, N. (1998). Open Minds to Equality.  MA: Allyn and Bacon.
Location: Dr. Byrnes's SS books.
This book has some great activities that dealt with sharing feelings, recognizing equality, building community, and teaching diversity.  There was a particular activity in this book on page 84 that was on others shoes and others views that related to some of the ideas we brainstormed for our unit.

Ginn, S.  (1997).  The World and Its People.  Parsippany, NJ.  Simon & Schuster. 
Location:  YETC
This book is a good resource for teacher background knowledge of different cultures of the world.  It gives examples of view-points of different groups and could be used to provide pictures for the students to show other types of living. 

Kreidler, W. J. (1984). Creative Conflict Resolution. IL: Scott, Foresman Company.
Location: Dr. Byrnes's SS books
This book had great activities based on improving communication in a classroom.  It also contained some great idea on teaching tolerance.

Martin, M. P. C. (1994). Peace. CA: Teacher Created Material, Inc.
Location: Dr. Byrnes's SS books
This book has some great ideas and activities on peace.  It contains activities that relate peace to nature, peace among people, and peace in history.

Mohlman, D.  "Learning Respect and Manners."
This resource gives instructions for a simulation to teach respect and manners.  The simulation involves giving a student the role as teacher and the teacher becoming a distracting student. 

Pratt, E. and Preece, R.  "Fairness"  1999
This website has specific ideas for activities and discussions about fairness.  It reminds the teacher of strategies such as role-play, and pre-discussion brainstorm.

Taylor, S.  (1997).  Living in Our Communities.  Austin;  Steck~Vaughn.
Location:  YETC
Chapter 7 page 53 - 59 of this book discusses why people work.  It also talks about people not having enough money for their needs and gives an example of a Jane Adams and how she helped people who didn't have enough money. 

Thomson, B. J. (1993). Words Can Hurt You. CA: Addison Wesley publishing Company, Inc.
Location: Dr. Byrnes's SS books
This booked had some activities and suggestions on how to help build classroom community.  Some of the activities dealt with the values and their applications to an effective classroom.