Lesson Plans

I Can Show Care and Consideration     

Objective:  The students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of how to be caring and considerate by performing anonymous acts of kindness for their peers and leaving them an anonymous "elf note" (see attached copy).

 Elves and shoemaker story (teacher's resource guide)
 Warm Fuzzy Story (copy in class file)
 4 "elf notes" notes per students (copy 19 sheets with 4 notes on each page)
 Care and consideration banner (hanging above calendar - see attached example)
 Container of pom-poms (to be used as "warm-fuzzies")
 Paper bag with "I got a warm fuzzy" written on it.

1. Ask the students if they notice anything different about the banner hanging above the calendar?
2. When they recognize that it is a banner about care and consideration instead of about integrity, remind them that we are learning to become better people this year through character education.  Mention that last week we worked on personal integrity and this week we will work on care and consideration. 
3. Have a choral reading of the banner.  Discuss the pledge written on the banner and clarify any ambiguities.    
4. Tell the students that you are going to read a story and that you want them to listen for examples of characters who show care and consideration. 
5. Read  "The Elves and the Shoe Maker Story"
6. Ask for examples of care and consideration from the story?
7. Tell them that they are going to hear another story and have them listen for examples of care and consideration.
8. Read "The Warm Fuzzy Story" 
9. Ask for examples of care and consideration from the story?
10. Ask for ways that they could show care and consideration in their own lives at home and in the classroom.
11. Explain to the students that over the next week they are going to be learning about care and consideration.  
a. Tell them that they will each be given four "elf notes" that they need to give away by Friday.
b. Explain that the only way they can give these notes away is by doing something caring or considerate for someone else without getting caught. 
c. Once they have done a kind deed, they should write what they did on the back of an "elf -note" and leave it on the person's desk that they performed the kind deed for (mention that no names are to be put on these - bring up that the elves did their kind deeds in secret).
d. Explain that once a person has received an "elf-note" they should look at it and then put it in white box at the front of the room, and then take a warm fuzzy from the clear container and drop it into the "I got a warm fuzzy bag."
e. Tell the students that each day we will take note of how many nice deeds were done by counting the "warm fuzzies" in the bag.   

During the story reading, Don't allow Nate and Josh to sit together (they are disruptive together and have not earned back the privilege to sit together yet)

The teacher will observes the students throughout the week watching to see if each student is performing anonymous acts of care and consideration.  The teacher will also look through the "elf-notes" notes checking to see if acts of care and consideration are taking place.
Source:  Adapted from Teacher Resource Guide for Character Education Grade 2. (1994) Aegies.