Resource List




  • People and Places Workbook. NJ: Silver Burdett Ginn. 1997.

This is a fantastic resource of games, worksheets, and extended learning activities. pgs. 33-40.


  • Carroll, J. (1988). Let's Learn about Getting Along with Others. Good Apple Inc.

Great book for preschool-grade 2 that teaches responsibilities and rules for kids. This book is also a great source of activities and worksheets for students.


  • Underwood, H.( 1995). Study People at Work. TX: Steck-Vaughn Company.

Both books are resources on what people do at work and roles they have.


  • People and Places Assessment Booklet. NJ: Silver Burdett Ginn. 1997.

Rules and Law pgs. 2-13 uses fun ideas and worksheets that coordinate with workbook.


  • People and Places Teacher Resource Book. NJ: Silver Burdett Ginn 1997.

Outstanding book with whole lesson plans. Short story with pictures to use in lessons that teach about rules and laws in school.



This web sight has a list of books that cover a variety of topics in social studies. I chose the topic rules and found a list of books that could be used to introduce the subject.


social studies: civics

sub-topic: community helper

This lesson discussed the roles of different jobs. I would adapt this to fit with roles of the teacher, the principal, the librarian, the students, the janitor, etc. The site itself has a list of lesson plans with the grade level it should be taught in.


  • Video: Thought, Word, and Deed. 1994 State Farm Insurance Produced by Media Options, Inc. Chicago, IL.

This video focuses on the aspect of social rules and interactions. It is told through the children's point of view.


  • Guest Speakers:

Can use the people in the school to come and talk about their role. Or have students put together some questions and give an interview. Can use principal, teacher, secretary, librarian, etc.

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