Teacher Resources

For Teaching About Elections




This is a website designed just for kids to use, with terms defined, explanations of the election process and quizzes to test your knowledge.


This has a link for all age levels, and then children choose to browse topics of all kinds about government, including elections, and they can play games too!


Link to the elections material on this site and immediately you have a huge list of activities, ideas, and literature to use when teaching about elections.


We the People, Center for Civic Education, Calabasas, CA, 1997. Grades 5-8

Student book full of questions about the government that are answered at student reading level accompanied with funny pictures the students would enjoy.

America's Story, Harcourt Bracet Company, Orlando, 1997.

Reference material for teacher background information. Contains lots of thinking activities to introduce topic.

Take a Stand, by Daniel Weizmann, Price Stern Sloan, 1996.

This is a kids reference guide to how elections work and why it matters to them. Lots of activities and appealing layout.


The Presidents of the United States. Directed by Wm. Cole Smith.

A five video series with interesting biographies of all 41 presidents, including campaigning information.

Schoolhouse Rock: America Rock.

This piece of the classic collection covers the main topics in the U.S. Government, including elections and voting, the 3 branches of government and how a bill is passed.

Community Resources:

Visit county of city offices. See where government leaders work, what they do, and tour the office buildings.
Visit voting booths when they are set out.
Visit a campaign headquarters.

Guest Speakers:

City or county leaders visit and speak about job responsibilities, responsibilities of citizens, process of election, or campaigning.
Parents who are involved in politics.
An 18 year old who just registered to vote, can speak about what you have to do to register.