Children's Literature

For Teaching About Elections


If You Were There When they Signed the Constitution, by Elizabeth Levy, 1987.

Questions about government are asked and answered at a younger reading level. The basic ideas of how we got the constitutions and what it means are explained.

Choosing the President - A Citizen's guide to the 2000 Elections. The League of Women Voters, The Lyons Press, 1999.

Contains facts concerning all the different aspects of elections. Discusses primaries, caucuses, conventions, campaigning, and how your vote counts. It is an adult book, but can be read by top students or the teacher can read certain parts to help explain and clarify certain topics.

Elections in the United States. David Heath, Capstone Press, 1999.

Discusses national, state, and local elections, as well as political parties and the electoral college. Good for teachers use to discuss election information with students.

Class President. Johanna Hurwitz, Morrow Junior Books, 1990.

Julio hides his own leadership ambitions to help another candidate win the nomination for class president. Includes illustrations to accompany the story of elections and friendship.

Heads, I win. Patricia Hermes, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1988.

Bailey runs for class president. She hopes that by winning her foster family will let her stay.

The Right to Vote. Bill Severn, Washburn, 1972.

A non-fiction book describing the struggle of many Americans, Indians, blacks, women, non-property owners, and others, to win the right to vote.

The Kid who Ran for President. Dan Gutman, Scholastic Press, 1996.

Twelve year old Judson Moon announces that he is running for President. He runs a campaign and gets his name on the Wisconsin ballot. He has all kinds of friends and supporters of his Lemonade Party.

Dinah for President. Claudia Mills, Macmillan Publishing Company, 1992.

Dinah decides to run for sixth grade class president. She has to develop a platform and find the time to compete against a practically perfect girl and another competitor, a boy.

The Case of the Fixed Election. Marilyn Singer, Harper & Row Publishers, 1989.

It is election time and Private Eye brothers, Sam and Dave, need to solve the case and clear their names. Rumors are going around and someone is accused of stuffing the ballot box. Politics have never been dirtier.