Social Studies Unit: The Caribbean

Book Title: Isla

Author: Arthur Dorros

Publisher and Date: Dutton Children's Books, 1995

Curriculum Developer: Jennie Moser


Isla is a fictional story about a girl whose grandmother takes her on a "flying journey" (through her story-telling) to the Caribbean island where she grew up and raised the girl's mother. They visit the girl's uncle, aunt, and cousin, the rain forest, a modern city, an old market, and the beach before they "travel" back to New York City. Several Spanish words are incorporated into the text. The book also contains very colorful and detailed illustrations.

Social Studies Relevance:

Grade Level Focus: 2nd Grade

Relationship to Social studies State Core:


6020-01: Locate and use social studies material in the classroom library and/or media center.

6020-0106: Recall facts from stories or reports in sequence.

6020-0201: Identify cultural traits and values that are inherited and acquired; i.e., family, religious, and cultural traditions, physical characteristics, etc.

6020-0204: Show ways in which the talents of others have influenced the community.

6020-0301: Locate oceans and continents on a map and a globe.

6020-0302: Compare differences of an area's size and shape as shown on a flat map with the way they are illustrated on a globe.

6020-0305: Describe how the equator divides the earth into the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere..

6020-0308: Describe how geographic features vary in different communities.

6020-0401: Identify community events of the past, present, and future.

6020-0402: Describe the contributions of various cultures that have influenced life in the community.

6020-0405: Describe different factors that influence change in the community.

6020-0506: Describe the effect of supply and demand on jobs.

6020-0507: Explain that with improved skills people become more productive.