Economic Impact of Available Resources


Materials Needed: Arrange for a guest to come speak to the students. The teacher will also need the list of questions for the students to answer (included) when they participate in the group activity.


1. Prepare the students for a guest speaker. Discuss appropriate behavior, such as listening to the speaker, not talking while the speaker is presenting, thanking the speaker for coming, etc. The guest will be discussing how resources available to certain areas--in this case it will be the setting of Annie and the Old One --effect the economy of the area.

2. A day or two before the guest actually comes, brainstorm possible questions the children may ask the guest. Have students think of as many questions that relate economics and resources as possible (see appendix).

3. The guest will come to the class to discuss the area where many Navajos dwell (around the "Four Corners" area of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico). This person could be a Navajo, someone familiar with the Navajo traditions and customs, or even someone who has visited the area. Ask them to address items such as types of homes in the area, foods they eat, climate they endure (including temperature and average rainfall), plants and vegetation that they use and grow, and population (human and wildlife). Remind students to pay special attention to these specific areas because they will be using the information the guest speaks about for their next assignment. The guest should be prepared to answer questions that may arrise as well.

4. Numbered Heads Together Strategy. Form groups with four to five students in each group. Number them off within their groups. Using the information that the guest has presented, students should be able to answer a few questions about the area (see Appendix). Ask students to work together so everyone knows the answers and can explain them. In order for the team to do well, everyone must know the answers. Give the students time to answer and discuss each question. Roll a die or call out a number. The student with that number answers that question for the team. You can choose how you would like the question to be answered by the students (orally, thumbs up or down, in writing, etc.). For this activity, I would prefer they answer the question orally.

*Note: This lesson can also be adapted for a different type of guest speaker. Possibilities include: Banker, sales associate, nursery/greenhouse owner, accountant, etc.

Evaluation: For this activity students are evaluated as they answer the questions during the "Numbered Heads Together" activity.