Title of Lesson: Jewish Culture




1. Explain to the students that a guest speaker will be visiting the class to speak about the Jewish culture.

2. KWL. Start a KWL chart on butcher paper in front of the class. Ask students what they already "know" about Jews, and what they want to know about Jews.

3. Vocabulary. Tell the students that there are some important vocabulary words for them to understand before learning about the Jewish Culture.

4. Guided Discussion. The teacher will discuss with the students the proper procedures to use when having a guest speaker (etiquette).

5. Guest Speaker. Guest Speaker will talk about the Jewish Religion, Holocaust, the Jewish Calendar, Holidays, Celebrations and Foods.


When the guest speaker leaves, the students will discuss and write what they have learned on the KWL chart. The students will also be instructed to write about a Jewish Holiday and use five of the vocabulary words they learned in their Journal entries. The teacher will read the students journals for evidence of learning and correct use of vocabulary.