Title of Lesson: Time line

Objective: ~Students will create a time line of Tutankhamen's life according to the story Tutankhamen's Gift.

Materials Needed:


1. Ask students what they think a time line is and what it looks like. Together as a class make a brief time line of the beginning of the school year to the current time in class, only recording important events. Write the time line on the board and discuss how to put correct distances between time and how to make sure it is sequential.

2. Tell students to pay attention, as you read, to the events that happen during Tutankhamen's life, and in what order they occur.

3. Read the story

4. Have the students make a time line of Tutankhamen's life according to the book. They will choose the events they feel are most important and worthy of putting on a time line, for example his birth and becoming pharaoh. What happens first, second, and so on? Students write in words the events that occurred but may draw pictures to go along with their words if they want to. The pictures should add to the text and depict the event it is representing. (See Appendix A for example time line ideas.)

5. Students will share their time line with a partner, comparing the events they felt were important and in what order they appeared. If the students have different events on their time line, have them justify to their partner why they felt that event warranted being on their time line.


The Teacher will observe the students making and sharing their time lines. Students will hang the time lines on the wall.




To see an example of a time line on Egypt's history visit this web site