Title of Lesson: Egyptian Pharaohs

Objective: ~Students will give one oral example of a responsibility of a leader.

~In groups students will answer questions on the information chart pertaining to Pharaohs.

Materials Needed:


1. Values Whip Strategy. Tell the students to think about what types of responsibilities someone has if they are a ruler, king, president, or pharaoh. Brainstorm a few examples for them. Ask students for a few ideas and write them on the board. Give the students a few minutes to think of their own responsibility that a leader may have. Then quickly go around the room and have the students share the responsibility they came up with. Make sure students know that it is fine if they pass on their answer and also the answers need to be kept brief. Summarize by discussing the positives and negatives of a few of the responsibilities talked about.

2. Information Chart (see appendix B). Students are to get into groups of four or five. Have them number off one to four around the classroom. All the ones are a group, the twos and so on. Give each group an information chart to complete. There will be books in the classroom pertaining to Pharaohs and the students will also have access to the school library. Everyone needs to participate and know how the group answered the questions. The resources will need to be shared with other groups.

3. Students will share the information they found with the rest of the class. Each group will tell the class one thing they found most interesting about pharaohs.


Observation of student's contributions to the group work and evaluation of their written responses to the information chart. Students will orally share with the class what information their group found.




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