Title of Lesson: Egyptian Art


~Students will draw an Egyptian painting using the techniques and ideas of the Egyptians.

~Students will tell the class one thing about their painting that follows the custom of the Egyptians.

Materials Needed:


1. Have the students read the "Frieze Paintings" chapter (see appendix C). Tell them to look for characteristics of Egyptian Art. What do the paintings tell us? How do the people look? How do the animals look? When students have finished reading the article, ask them to tell you some of the things they found. Write their findings on the board so everyone can see them. (See Appendix D for summary of the characteristics, described in the reading, of Egyptian Art.)

2. Give each student a piece of poster board. Have the chalk, paints, markers, and crayons available to the students on a table in the classroom. Tell the students to choose a scene from the story, Tutankhamen's Gift. Let them look at the book again if they need help remembering the story. Make a sketch on their poster board, following the same rules the Egyptian artists used.

3. When students are finished with their artwork have them share it with the class. The students will guess what story that persons drawing is telling. After the class guesses have the student tell the class what story is being told. Also have students tell what aspects of their drawing show us that it is following the ancient Egyptians way of doing art. Hang the pictures around the room for everyone to see.


Examine the pictures to see if the students have drawn their picture to resemble the Egyptians art. Students will be evaluated on their oral sharing with the class about what story their picture is telling and what Ancient Egyptians custom of doing art they used.





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