Different Family Traditions

Subject Area(s): Social Studies

Grade Level: 1-2

Date: 6 May 1997



1. After conducting an interview, the student will give an oral or written presentation stating two family traditions and when they started.


Materials Needed:

overhead projector

transparency and markers

chart paper






1. Ask the students, "What is a tradition?" Help them define it as an act that is done by all members of a group, is repeated regularly, and is something that adults teach to children, who then teach it to their children.

2. Ask the children what traditions their families have. Ask if all families have the same traditions.

3. To find out more about family traditions have the students prepare questions to use to conduct interviews with a parent, guardian or grandparent by:

a. brainstorming questions and writing them on an overhead transparency,

b. choosing four to six of those questions, and

c. recording the chosen questions on chart paper.

* See example questionnaire.

4. Have the children copy the questions and that evening conduct the interview.



The next day, have the children present two or three family traditions (what they are, when they started, etc. based on interview questions) to the class orally or in written form.


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