My Likes and Dislikes

Subject Area(s): Social Studies

Grade Level: 1-2

Date: 6 May 1997



1. Following group discussion, the students will state at least six personal likes or dislikes to classmates.

2. After listing personal likes and dislikes, the students will compare their lists with a partner's and list those they have in common.


Materials Needed:

6-10 assorted items (choose some that children will like and some they won't like)

chart paper with graph


several item teacher likes or dislikes



magazines and catalogs

art supplies (i.e. scrap paper, crayons, tissue paper)




1. Hold up six to ten items, one at a time. Have the children raise their hands if they like the item. Mark the number of likes on the graph.

2. Ask: Is there something on the graph that everyone in the class likes? Does everyone like everything? Are there some things that no one likes? Why do you think this is so?

3. Explain to the children that people have different likes and dislikes. Tell them that this makes us unique and interesting.

4. Show the children some things that the teacher likes and dislikes.

5. Have the children brainstorm individual lists of likes and dislikes, using words or pictures.

6. Assign or allow children to choose partners. Have children compare their lists, then make a list of the likes and dislikes they have in common. If they have nothing in common, have them brainstorm together. If they still have nothing in common, they may write a paragraph explaining that, and turn it in.

7. Have the children make collages (using magazines and art supplies) showing their likes and dislikes.



Have children turn in the lists they made as partners. Have the children share their collages, listing at least six things they either like or dislike. Allow students to make oral presentations or written presentations.


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