What Makes Us Different?

Subject Area(s): Social Studies

Grade Level: 1-2

Date: 6 May 1997



1. After reading Tacky the Penguin, the students, as a whole group, will list at least 10 ways they are different from each other.


Materials Needed:

book, Tacky the Penguin, by Helen Lester

chart paper




1. Introduce Tacky the Penguin. Hold up the book and ask the children what they think the book is about. Ask them what ëtacky' means. Define the word, ëtacky.'

2. Read Tacky the Penguin aloud to the class.

3. Ask the students what makes Tacky different from his companions.

4. Ask, "What makes you different from other children?" List the responses on chart paper, under the title "What makes us different."

* If the children have difficulty listing at least 10 ways they might be different, ask prompting questions to elicit appropriate responses.

For example: How do you look different from others? or What kind of house do you live in?



Review the chart to see that children have listed at least 10 ways they are different from one another.


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