Lesson #2

Title of Lesson: Sand Island Story Mapping


Objective: *After reading Under the Blood-Red Sun, students will use story mapping to create a visual representation of Hawaii. Their story map will include Pearl Harbor, Sand Island and the Japanese Relocation camp, where Tomikazu's swims to visit his father.

Materials Needed:

12 x 18 drawing paper

Colored pencils and markers

Overhead outline map of Hawaii (not labeled)

VistaVue Markers

Black-line map of Hawaii (handout)


1. Given the book, Under The Blood-Red Sun, create a story map. Display the map of Hawaii on the overhead. Ask a student to locate, by placing a mark on the map where Tomikazu lives. Ask another student to mark where they think Pearl Harbor is located. Repeat this style of predicting by asking students the following questions: If Tomi swims the harbor to Sand Island, where is Sand Island? Is Sand Island or is Ford Island closer to Tomi's home? Where does Keet live? Is Diamond grass closer to Tomi's or Billy's house? Is the Kaka'ako boys ball diamond near the market or the school? Locate Tomi's school and the corner market.

2. Pull out the classroom world map and locate accurate information related to Hawaii. Check overhead map and make any necessary corrections. Explain that the classroom map offers details associated with Hawaii, but Under the Blood-Red Sun contains all the other suggested information we predicted on the overhead map. Tell students they are going to create a story map about the selected reading book focusing on Chapter 17 when Tomi swims to Sand Island.

3. Story Mapping. Have students create a story map of Chapter 17. Given the black-line map of Hawaii, instruct students to draw map details: showing trails, roads and other necessary features used by to Tomi to get from one place to another. Tell them to play close attention to the book setting listing features such as Sand Island, Pearl Harbor, the relocation camp and Tomikazu's backyard jungle.


Students will submit their story mapping activity showing visual representation of Chapter 17. The teacher will check for the specified details: Sand Island, Tomikazu's local community, Pearl Harbor and the relocation camp.