Lesson Plan #1

Title of Lesson: Money Issues

Subject Area: Economics

Grade Level: 4th grade


*After reading the book Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday, students will participate in a discussion about economic issues (money) that were covered in the book.

*Students will write how Alexander wasted his money and share a time when they or someone they know made a poor money decision. They will share with the class why it is important to save your money and make wise decisions.

Material Needed:
Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday
, piece of paper, newspaper article dealing with economics or the economy

1. Teacher will introduce the students to economics by reading Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday. After reading the book he/she will ask the students what the lesson dealt with? What issues were talked about? What was the point of the story? Then she/he will ask the students if they know what economics is and how it was incorporated in the book. (Teacher will lead the students in a discussion)
2. After conducting a group discussion the students will have a chance to reflect on their own thinking and be asked to write a few paragraphs describing the various things Alexander could have done differently with his money to save or make more. Have them identify times when they made poor choices with their money or when a friend or brother/sister did. Why is it important to save your money? What is the value of money? Have the students hand-in their assignment. After the children have had a chance to write down their ideas, take some time to write on the board reasons it is important to save your money and be wise in your dealings.
3. Tell the students that not only does economics deal with money but it deals with various areas including school, jobs, wages, and the economy. We have only discussed one area of economics. Teacher will inform students that they will be having a unit on economics. (Next lesson will introduce the basics of economics) and this is when the students will learn several different parts of economics.
4. The class discussion will give the teacher a better idea, from what the students share, what they know with regards to economics. In closing, teacher can read a selection from the paper dealing with the government's economy or an economic issue to get them thinking about the upcoming lessons. Discuss with students why the article relates and how it affects them.

Students will share their knowledge of economics while participating in a group discussion and individual assignment. Students will write the various ways Alexander spent (wasted) his money and then write the poor decisions they or someone else has made when dealing with money.


Lesson Plan 2