Holocaust Lesson

Day 4

Title of Lesson: "The Big Lie" Time Line


Materials Needed:


1. Time Line. Explain to the class that they will complete a time line of the book today. Divide the class into five groups. Everyone should have a copy of "The Big Lie." Each group will be assigned a certain number of pages or section to reread. Group 1 is assigned pages 12-17, group 2 is assigned pages 20-27, group 3 is assigned pages 30-44, group 4 is assigned pages 46-54, and group 5 is assigned pages 56-72. Depending on the number of students in each group, assign each student a page or two in their given sections (e.g. Group 1: student #1 will be in charge of page 12, student #2 will be in charge of pages 13 &14, etc). No two students should be covering the same material (See Appendix C). After everyone has their own personal page(s) that they are responsible for, explain to the students that they will choose one event from their reading they feel is most important. Each student should have a piece of notebook paper on which they can write down or describe their event in one or two sentences. When they have finished, ask the students to write the page numbers they were assigned to in the top right hand corner of their paper. (This is so you will eventually be able to put all of the events into chronological order.) You now have a time line of all the main events in the story. Ask the students to hold on to their papers because tomorrow the class will make a book using all of the events.

2. "The Big Lie" Book. Before getting started with this activity, make sure each student has their sentence(s) and page numbers of their event. It is now time to distribute materials. Divide the class into five groups. Have one person from each group get 1 piece of construction paper and one piece of white paper for each member of the group. Have another student from the group get enough glue and crayons/colored pencils for everyone in the group. Explain to the students that they are to rewrite their sentence(s) about their main event on the bottom of their piece of white paper in their nicest and neatest handwriting. After they have written it, they are to check the spelling with you to make sure it is all spelled correctly. Tell the class that they are to draw a picture that best describes their personal event using the rest of the white paper. They can only use colored pencils or crayons because the media used needs to be similar throughout the book. The students are free to use whatever colors they choose. When they have finished their drawings, they are to center the white paper on the construction paper and then glue it on as though the construction paper were a border for the white paper. When all of the writing, coloring, and glueing has been completed, have students return their materials, clean up, and then stand in a circle with their papers according to the chronological order of the book. Each student is to read their event out loud and display their art work to the class. After every student has had a chance to share, collect all of the events and bind them together to make a book. Leave the book in the classroom for the students to read at their leisure.

Evaluation: Check to see that each student completed an event sheet in the finished book.