Holocaust Lesson

Day 3

Title of Lesson: "The Big Lie" Story Mapping


Materials Needed:


1. Explain to the students that they will be finishing the book today. Ask them to watch for and note all of the different places where Isabella and her sisters travel.

2. When students have finished reading, ask them to identify what places were encountered by the characters in the book (e.g. Kisvarda, Kisvarda ghetto, Hungary, Auschwitz, Oelsk).

3. Discuss who the main characters were in the book (e.g. Isabella, mama, Potyo, Cipi, Chicha, Regina).

4. Explain to students that they will be using a basic map outline of western Europe to map out the main locations covered in the book. Each student must have at least five locations on their map. They will need to draw a small symbol for each location as well as any major sites along the way (e.g. mountains, rivers, big cities, railroads). Remind students they will be drawing this map from a birds-eye point of view and that they need to keep locations somewhat proportional. Students should use the map on pages 36 & 37 of the book as well as any other resources available.

5. Students can work together but should be encouraged to use creativity and individuality.

6. When they have finished, collect the maps and put them on display in the classroom.

Evaluation: Check for understanding by noting whether or not students have used the map in the book to help them. Check for correct locations and make sure they used at least five of the major locations in the book.