A: Making a response journal

An easy way to make a response journal is to staple several pieces of notebook paper inside two pieces of construction paper. Give the students the opportunity to decorate their own journal cover.

B: Response journal questions for the overhead

1. If you were being forced out of your home never to return again, what personal belongings would you carry out with you and why?

2. The Nazi German soldiers were commanded to kill the Jews in the death camps. Because they were told to kill, does it make it okay for them to kill?

3. What type of person was Isabella? What are some of her characteristics?

4. If your family was given a list of rules today, similar to those that the Jewish people of Kisvarda were given, would you follow them? Why or why not?

C: Time line events

Group 1. The Germans invade Kisvarda and the Jews are forced to live by Nazi German rules.

Group 2. The Kisvarda Jews were moved to a ghetto. They had to keep themselves clean to stay healthy.

Group 3. Isabella and her family were taken to Auschwitz and forced to leave precious belongings with the Germans.

Group 4. Jews went through selection. Thousands were selected to die at Auschwitz.

Group 5. The Jews were liberated. Isabella and her sisters met their father in the United States.