Lesson Plans

Title of Lesson: Memories


Materials: Stationary, markers and crayons.

1. Guided Discussion: Ask the students if they know what the word "memory" means? Memories are not something that we only experience alone, but usually we share them with significant others in our lives. Give an example of a special memory that has happened to you when you were little. Have the students think of a special memory that they have had in their life.
2. Values Whip: Go around the room to briefly share with the class a special memory they have had. Discuss with the students why memories are important? Could some memories be bad? Explain to the students that all memories aren't good. Sometimes we have not so good memories. Give an example of a not so good memory. Have the students volunteer to briefly share a not so good memory with the class. Whether memories are good or bad, we always learn something from them. From the examples of the two memories given, describe what you had learned from them. Summarize, by explaining to the students that having memories are important and they help us to learn and grow in our everyday lives.
3. Guided Discussion: There are memories that I know I have had but because it was so long ago that it is hard to remember them. Ask the students what they think that I could do to help me remember my memories. Have they ever kept a picture album or scrapbook of experiences they have had? The students will begin to keep a journal everyday of something special that happened that day. Let the students share what they do to help them to remember special events that have happened in their life. Ask the students what Tanya's grandmother's special memories were from the book? What do they think Tanya's special memory would be? 4. Give each student a piece of white paper. Have the students draw and write a brief sentence of a special memory that they have experienced with a family member, saying why it was so special. Let them share that memory with the rest of the class. This will be the first page to go in their daily log journal.
Evaluation: Examine the pictures to see if the students had drawn and written a description of their memory and explained why that memory was so special.