Lesson Plans

Title of Lesson: Homesick


Materials: The book, Christina Katrina, white drawing paper, crayons and markers.

1. Discuss with the class that recently we've talked about special memories with a significant other and traditions with our families. There are times though when we need to take time out from our families because they are getting on our nerves or because it might be hard to get along with someone. This may be a time when you need to go be by yourself to think or to cool off. But, we usually go back to our family because we become "homesick". There are times when we are away from our families for a longer period of time due to a trip or vacation and we really get "homesick". Ask the class if they know what the word "homesick" means? Discuss with the class about the time that Tanya started feeling homesick. Sometimes when we are away from our families we miss them very much. Have the students express how they think Tanya felt about being away from home? What does Tanya do so she isn't homesick? What are some other ways that Tanya might handle this problem? Have students discuss in order the events that led to Tanya being homesick.

2. Read the book, Christina Katrina and the Time She Quit the Family, by Patricia Lee Gauch. Ask the students if sometimes it is alright to be away from our families for a little while like Christina. Why do the students think that Christina needed time to her self? Discuss what Christina did in the story, did she get homesick? What happened in the story that made them think that? Even though Christina needed a little time away from her family, she still got homesick and was very glad to be back with the ones that she loved.

3. Have the students draw in order the events that happened in the story, Christina Katrina.

4. Ask the students for volunteers to share with the rest of the class a time when they have felt homesick and how did they solve this problem.

Evaluation: The students will be assessed by recalling events that happened in Tanya's reunion and by drawing in order events from Christina Katrina. The teacher will listen to oral responses to discussion questions.