Lesson Plans

Title of Lesson: Farm Life


Materials: Forms for the field trip to the farm for parents to sign (attached). These must be given out ahead of time. A large piece of poster paper for each group.

Activity: 1. Tell the class that we are going to go on a field trip to a farm. But first we need to learn a little bit about farm life before we go visit. Divide the class up into groups of four. Have each student in their group draw one characteristic of what they think a farm looks like on their poster paper using markers. Then each student can add extra features to their farm. Reflect back to what the farm was like in the book, Tanya's Reunion. Describe characteristics of the farm and recall what happened with the farm. Have the students show each other the farm that they drew.

2. Discuss with the students what kinds of farms there are? How big are they? Where would you find farms? Would you find them in a city? What is the farmers role? What kind of things do we have and see today come from a farm? These would also be good questions to ask the farmer.

3. With what the students have discussed and their prior knowledge of farms, have them brainstorm as a class, further questions of interest they may want to ask the farmer.

4. Go on a field trip to a farm. Before going, go over safety rules and how they show respect by listening while someone else is talking. While walking over to the farm, have them sing songs such as Old MacDonald had a Farm and Farmer in the Dell.

5. After the farm trip, have the students come back and get back into their same groups to either redraw their picture of their farm or they can add to it.

6. Have students draw on stationary one thing they learned at the farm and then share with the class.

Evaluation: Teacher will listen for students contributions to discussions. Observation would consist of their group farm picture and one characteristic or feature of a farm that they had drawn and then sharing it orally.


Dear Parents/Guardians,

On __________________ at _____________ p.m. the first grade class will be visiting The Farm. We have been studying farm life and we'll learn about the characteristics of a farm and the farmer's role in community life. The students will have an opportunity to see animals and may even have a chance to milk a cow.

The Farm is within walking distance, so we won't be needing transportation. The field trip will take about two hours. We will be eating lunch there so please send a sack lunch with your child. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at the school.


Miss Fenton




______________________has my permission to accompany

his/her class on this field trip.


____________________ _______________________

Date Signature of parent/guardian


Comments or Concerns: