Lesson Plans

Title of Lesson: Family Roles

Materials: Stationary, and one family graph handout for each student..

Activity: * note- this lesson should be covered over a three day time period.
1. Discuss with the students what their definition of a family is. What do they think a family is like? Make sure you stress that there are all kinds of families. Some families just have a mom and children, some families have children and a dad, some children live with their grandma or grandpa or both. Some families have both a mom and a dad with one child or with many children, and some families don't have any children. Have the students fill out the family graph of their family. (See below)

*note: Some family members may not be filled because one student may not have a father or a mother etc.

2. Brainstorm with the students,who is part of a family. Ask the students who can be a member of a family? Divide students into families. What interesting things can they tell us about their family? What does each family member like to do, what is their personality like? Each group will draw a picture of their family. This will be the first page in their family book.

3. Discuss with the students where families live, what kind of homes are there and what do families need in their homes. Have each family draw what their home is going to look like and what is going to be in it. This is the second page in their family book.

4. With the students, address adding new members to a family. Who might be a new family member? How do families change when a new member comes into the family? Each family is going to have a new family member they can decide, whether it be a new baby, relative, friend, exchange student, or anyone else. Each family member will decide on what changes need to be made to include the new member. Each group will draw a picture of their new family member. This is the third page in their family book.

5. Address with the students how sometimes families change. How do they think that families might change? What change might occur in their family and how will they adapt to change. For example, a family member might go to college, become really sick or get married etc. Have students draw a picture of a change that might occur in their family. This is the fourth page in their family book.

6. Put the pictures together to make a family book.

7. Each family of the classroom will stand up and introduce their families to their neighbors, the other classroom members. They will show their pictures in their family book as they tell them who their family is, where they live and what their house looks like. They will talk about their new family member and what changes they had to make to include this new member. Then they will talk about the changes that had occurred in their family.

Evaluation: The teacher will listen to the oral responses of each of the families and look at their family graphs and the pictures drawn.

Adapted from an article, Mcguire, Margit E. Conceptual Learning in the Primary Grades. The Storyline Strategy. 1991. P. 48-50.