Title of Lesson: An Understanding of World War II


Materials Needed:


1. Explain to the students that they are going to participate in an activity which requires them to have some background knowledge on World War II.

2. Vocabulary. Tell the students that there are some important vocabulary words for them to understand before learning about World War II. (See Appendix A)

3. Have the students read about World War II in their Social Studies manual or use another resource that explains the beginning of World War II.(Internet Link WWII)

4. Guided Discussion. After the students have read World War II, have them participate in a discussion about World War II. Ask the students to differentiate between the Allied and Axis powers.

5. Activity. Divide the class into two groups. One representing Germany, the other representing the United States. Statements are read off of the list by the teacher (See Appendix A). Groups confer and decide if the statement pertains to their group or not. A representative comes up from each group and states whether or not it's their group. Points are recorded on the board for the team that gets the correct answer.


Students will be evaluated on their groups answers to the questions. The teacher will also evaluate the students maps for evidence of learning, and correct labeling of the Allied and Axis powers.