Appendix A:

Book List:

A Pocket Full of Seeds, Marilyn Sachs
The Americans: A history, McDougal, Littell & Co
World War II, SRA-Social Studies
Silver Burdett Ginn, 3rd Edition-Grade 5
History of World War II; Foster, Sorenson, Sweat, Mitchell

Internet Sites:

I. Vocabulary Words:

Curfew-A fixed time at night when a person has to be indoors or home.
Ration-Limit the amount each person can get
Allied-Countries who fought on the same side during the war.
Resistance-A force that opposes or works against the notion of another.
Axis-Italy, Germany & Japan
Dictator-All Powerful Ruler
Nazi-Political Party
Hitler-A leader in World War II

II. Statements for Activity:


United States