Title of Lesson: Weaving

Subject Area: Social Studies

Grade Level: second





  1. Explain to the class that today they are going to have a person come and talk to them about weaving. Ask the children what they think the word weaving means. Next, ask the children what the subject of weaving has in common with the subject of pioneers. Talk about their responses.
  2. Tape the three pieces of butcher papers up in front of the classroom where the students can reach them.
  3. Label the first butcher paper "What do you know about weaving?" Have the children discuss in their table groups what they know about weaving. When each table has a couple answers, one person from each table will write the answers on the first butcher paper.
  4. After the students are finished, discuss the things the children listed that they know about weaving.
  5. Label the middle paper "What do you want to learn?" and have the children discuss in their table groups what they want to learn about weaving. A different person from the table will go up and write their responses on the paper.
  6. Discuss with the children their responses. Have them each pick a question and write the question on a piece of paper. Instruct them to listen to the guest for the answer to their question. Explain to them that they will turn in their question, with the answer, at the end of class. If she doesn't answer their question in her talk, they should ask her at the end.
  7. Explain that the third paper is for what they learned. When the speaker has left, we will list the answers to some of their questions on the paper.
  8. After the guest leaves, discuss the answers to their questions.
  9. Have them each turn in their question and answer.