Title of Lesson: What Was the Great Depression?


Students will be able to answer five questions regarding causes and effects of the Great Depression in comparison to today.


Reading handout for each student (Appendix B)

Five different color markers

Five large pieces of chart paper



1. Assign the students to read the expository text (Appendix B) on the Great Depression. You may want to have them read it in sections and discuss each section after it is read to ensure understanding. Some may be challenged by the reading level of the text.

2. When students have completed the reading have them put their papers away and break them into five different groups. Station each group at five different areas around the room. At each area place a piece of chart paper on the wall with a question on it. (Appendix C) Each group should be given a distinctive color of marker to write their answer on the charts. Give each group an appropriate amount of time at each area. Rotate the groups after each group has added at least 2 responses to their question. Rotate them around to all of the five areas so each group answers each question.

3. When the groups are at their last area and time is up assign each group the task of picking the three most important answers from the question they are on to present to the class. This way the entire class gathers information from each group's answers.



Look at the charts and see if each group, according to the color of marker they were given, contributed to each answer.