Appendix A



May 3, 1898-Golda Mabowitz is born in Kiev, Russia

1906-Golda's family immigrates to the United States

1909-Golda creates the American Young Sisters Society

1912-Golda runs away to Colorado

1914-Golda returns to the Milwaukee, WI

1917-Golda marries Morris Myerson

1921-Golda and Morris go to Palestine

1921-1923-Golda and Morris live in a kibbutz

1933-Golda and Morris seperate

1934-Golda is appointed to the executive committee of the General Fereration of Jewish Labor in Palestine

1939-World War II brakes out

1947-Golda signs Israel's Declaration of Independence

1949-Golda is made the Minister of Labor and development

1957-Golda is made Israel's Foreign Minister

1969-Golda becomes Prime Minister of Israel

1973-Israel is attacked by Arab

1974-Golda retires

1978-Golda dies

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