The Day of Ahmed's Secret

 Author: Tiffany Horner

Grade Level: Early Elementary


1. Students will create a postcard showing and telling something they have learned about Cairo, Egypt.


Materials Needed:

Heide, Florence Parry. Gilliland, Judith Heide. (1990). The Day of Ahmed's Secret. Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books.

5 x 7 blank index cards, pencils, crayons, markers

Optional: Komatsu, Yoshio. (1991). Egypt: Children of the World. Gareth Stevens Children's Books.

Background information and pictures

Egypt State Information Service 



1. Introduce the activity by explaining to the students, " Today we are going to travel to Cairo, Egypt with Ahmed in The Day of Ahmed's Secret." Using a map, point out the location of Egypt in Africa, then move to the location of Cairo in Egypt, instructing the students, "This is where we will be flying to." Using the background information provided, discuss with the children what to expect as they explore Cairo with Ahmed. Ask the students to pay particular attention to the places and people of Cairo that Ahmed mentions. Ask the children to predict what Ahmed's secret might be.

2. Read the story and point out details such as the sounds and colors that Ahmed experiences in his city. Ask the children why Ahmed works and what he eats? Point out places and things such as the old buildings and walls, the sea of sand, the Nile River, the camels, and the pyramids that Ahmed sees in Cairo. To conclude the book ask the children to recall the places Ahmed described. Ask the question, "In the end, what was Ahmed's secret?"

3. After reading Ahmed's story and pointing out the details, you may want to show pictures from other books or resources about Cairo, Egypt.

4. Based on what the children have learned from the book and discussions, have each student create a postcard to answer the following question: "You have just traveled to Cairo and now we are going to create a postcard to describe a place we have visited or a person we have met during our trip. We use postcards to show others and describe to others the neat things we see and learn when we travel." On one side of the card, have children draw the picture and on the other side, ask the children to describe their picture.



1. Evaluate the postcards using the following guidelines: Does the picture represent something learned about Cairo, Egypt and is there a description of the picture?



Explain to the students that Ahmed shared something with us that he had just learned. Ask the question, "What is something new you are learning that you could share with others?"

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