Wildlife on the African Savanna

Author: Sarah Davis

Grade Level: Second Grade



1. Students will illustrate an example of wildlife that is found in the African Savanna.

2. Students will write a paragraph describing the wildlife they chose to draw.



1. Big Book Life on the African Savanna

2. Art paper, one per student

3. Handwriting paper, one per student



1. Teacher will pre-read big book and become familiar with it in order to paraphrase it to her students.

2. Teacher will ask her students, "When you think of Africa, what animals come to mind?" Students will give responses.

3. Teacher will show the map of Africa (found in the back cover of the book) highlighting the savanna regions to emphasize that not all of Africa is made up of a savanna.

4. Teacher will tell her students that after reading the book they will choose an animal to write about and to draw. She will ask them, "What kinds of things would be important to include in your paragraph describing the animal you choose?" They will give responses. Examples of responses may include: size, what it eats, what hunts it, lifespan, and interesting habits.

5. Teacher will show students the pictures in the big book while paraphrasing the text.

6. After sharing the book the teacher will rephrase the question. This time she will say, "What animals are found on the African Savanna?" Students will give responses.

7. Students will choose one of the animals that interests them most. They will illustrate the animal in its habitat and write a paragraph of at least three sentences describing the animal (as discussed in procedure number four).



Teacher will assess the students' paragraphs and illustrations for accuracy.


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