Africa - Not Just One Big Safari


Author: Melissa Murray
Grade Level: Early Elementary



Students will draw a picture of an African city that includes places similar to those found in U.S. cities.


Somewhere in Africa* - (book written by Ingrid Mennen and Niki Daly.)

Map of Africa

Pictures of major cities in South Africa (It is best if you have color pictures from books or magazines, but you can print pictures from this lesson plan if needed.)

Large sheets of drawing paper for each student.



1. Ask students to name various types of buildings and places found in their city and other typical U.S. cities. Write down students' responses on the chalkboard. Lead students to answers such as library, grocery store, bakery, hotel, floral shop, restaurant, etc.

2.Ask students what they think cities are like in other parts of the world. Europe? Australia? (Just listen to response) How about Africa? Tell students you have a book about a liitle boy who lives in Cape Town, South Africa and you want them to find out what his city is like. Show students a map of Africa and point out where Cape Town, South Africa is.

3. Read Somewhere in Africa aloud to the students. After reading the book have students identify places or buildings they remember from the book. (Answres may include library, bakery, floral shop, etc.) Write these answers on another part of the chalkboard. Ask students if they can see any answers that are found on both lists. Ask students if they can see any places listed on the U.S. side of the chalkboard that they think could possibly be found in an African city (places that aren't already listed on the Africa side). List these places on the Africa side. (Try to get students to list most buildings.) Explain to students that many cities in Africa are very similar to U.S. cities and have many of the same places.

4. Show students pictures of real African cities. Talk about how they look like large cities in the U.S.

5. Give students a large piece of drawing paper. Have students create a map or picture of a city in Africa. Have students draw and label buildings and points of interest that may be found in a typical African city.



Assess the students drawings of an African city and see if they included places similar to those in U.S. cities.



Background Information

*Mennen, Ingrid and Niki Daly. Somewhere in Africa. Illustrated by Nicolaas Maritz. Penguin Books USA Inc., 1990.
ISBN # 0-14-056242-7


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