A Day in the Life of a Child in Accra, Ghana

Author: Julia Brilliant

Grade Level: Early elementary



1.Students will be able to list similarities and differences about their lives in comparison to the life of a child living in Accra, Ghana today.

2. Students will be able to share what they think about the life of a child in Accra, Ghana

Materials Needed:

Children Just Like Me, by Barnabas and Anabel Kindersley


1. Anticipatory Set: Engage students in a group discussion where you go through the day of the typical child in your classroom. What did you eat? What does your home look like? What are your meals like? Etc.

2. As a class look at and read pages 38 and 39 of Children Just Like Me. Read the information aloud and share the pictures. Keep the book available for the class to look at, it is a wonderful resource.

3. Divide the class into groups of about five students and assign a record keeper in each group. Have the students fold a piece of paper in half the long way and label one column "Things that are different" and the other "Things that are the same."

4. Have the children discuss in their groups differences and similarities between their lives and that of Aseye's. (e.g., Differences- I live in a house, she lives in an apartment. She lives in a big city, I live in the country. Similarities- We both go to school. We both have a mother and father, etc.) Each member of the group needs to contribute at least one difference or similarity. Have the record keeper write names beside the contribution.

5. After group work, have the students return to their desks and write a sentence or two about what a typical day would be like if they were Aseye and lived in Accra, Ghana. Since these are younger children, it would be great if they wanted to draw or write a poem, as long as they explore their thoughts.

6. Come back together as a class and let some of the students share and discuss their work.


1. The group list of similarities and differences can be evaluated. Each child should have at least one contribution on the list.

2. The individual writing assignments are for the students to organize their thoughts, they should be evaluated for completion and accurate portrayal of daily life in Accra, Ghana.


Kindersley, Barnabas and Anabel, Children Just Like Me, Doring Kindersley Limited; 1995. pgs 38, 39


Background Information:

Ghana is located on the west coast of Africa. Accra is it's capitol city. It is a coastal city with a population of approximately 949,000 people. It has a tropical climate and its average temperatures range from 72-81 degrees all year round. The official language of Ghana is English, so most of the the people in Ghana speak English. However there are many other native languages spoken. The majority of the population are Christian, followed by those practicing indigenous beliefs and Muslims.

Ghana's political history has been ever-changing. in the recent past, it was ruled by one military dictatorship after another. In January 1993, the fourth Republic of Ghana was established by a democratic election. Jerry Rawlings, a former military leader was elected as it's president with a 58% majority vote.

Ghana's official currency is the Cedi. Most of their trade is with the USA, the UK, Germany, and Nigeria. Their exports are precious gems, gold, and agricultural products like bananas and cocoa.



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