Seven Natural Wonders of


Lesson Plan

Author:   Jill Stauffer 
Grade Level: Early Elementary 

Objective: Students will draw a picture of and write a few sentences telling about their favorite 
                  natural wonder of Africa. 

                     The Seven Natural Wonders of Africa 
                     The Nile River 
                     Mount Kilimanjaro 
                     The Great Rift Valley 
                     The  Serengeti Plains 
                     The Sahara Desert 
                     Victoria Lake and Falls 
                     Table Mountain 

Materials Needed: Large Map of Africa (Big enough to be seen from far away) 
                                 Small, bright colored, Post-it notes 
                                 Some large detailed pictures of each of the seven geographical features listed 
                                      above - (these pictures are provided on this web sight) 
                                 Drawing paper for each student 
                                 Colored pencils, markers, or crayons for coloring and writing 


1.  Tell the students that there are some things in nature that are so amazing that we 
call them natural wonders.  A natural wonder is a geological feature (something created by nature) that is amazing and wonderful.  The African continent contains many of these natural wonders.  Today we are going to learn about seven of them. 

2.  Display the large map of Africa.  One by one discuss and describe the seven wonders of Africa.  (Refer to the background information provided on this web site.)   Make sure you use plenty of pictures here so that the students will get a good idea of what each place looks like.  (These pictures are provided on this web site) As each feature is discussed, write the name of the feature on a Post-it Note and place the note on the map to indicate the features location.  Display this map in the classroom.  Make the pictures available for students to look at during other times of the day.  (This lesson can be done in one day or it can be stretched out over several days if you want to give more attention to each feature.  Example: Discuss one feature per day.) 

3.  Pass out a piece of drawing paper to each student.  Have each student pick one of the seven natural wonders they would most like to visit.  Have them draw a picture of this place.  Have them label the picture.  Have them write a few sentences telling about what they would see if they actually did visit that particular place. Display these pictures in the classroom.  (Example:  They could be displayed on a bulletin board or bound into a class book titled The Natural Wonders of Africa) 

Assessment: Have a sharing session where all the students can share their pictures and sentences with the rest of the class.  As a teacher, review the student's pictures and sentences to check for understanding and correctness.  If they are not correct suggest to the students changes that could be made. 

Possible Math Extension: As a class, make a graph of which natural wonders were selected. 


Pictures of the Seven Natural Wonders



   Nile River

Mount Kilimanjaro

Great Rift Valley

The Serengeti

Sahara Desert


Victoria Falls

Lake Victoria

Table Mountain


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