Africa and Us

By Eve Beutler

What do you think of when you hear the word Africa?
Africa is a huge continent with diverse land forms, climates, animals, and human lifestyles. Unfortunately, not many people know this. When we describe Africa, we may generalize it as being a huge safari, a hot dry dessert, or a place where lots of starving people live. The purpose of this lesson is to dispel such stereotypes by helping children make connections with a child in Africa. At the completion of the lesson, students will recognize that children in Africa have dreams and aspirations just like children in other countries.

This lesson is based on a children's literature book called Somewhere in Africa. The authors, Ingrid Mennan and Niki Daly, describe the daily activities of a boy named Ashraf who lives in big, bustling city located at the southern tip of the continent. Readers follow Ashraf's trip to the local library to check out his favorite book. He passes fruit vendors, flower sellers, street musicians. At last he returns home to read about the exotic animals that live "somewhere in Africa."

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