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Music is an important part of the culture, ceremonies, and dances in Africa. The music that is found on the Gift of the Tortoise CD is popular among the Zulu people in South Africa. In the eastern seaboard region of the country in the state of Natal and homeland of Kwazulu this music is used throughout their culture.

The music is from the Ladysmith Black Mambozo, which is an a capella group. The style of the music is Mbube. The roots stem back to oppression and struggle. The music came from Apartheid. During the Apartheid thousands of South African Black men left their homes and families and were forced to work in the cities. They worked in dangerous areas and bad working conditions. They were able to go home only three weeks out of the year. While working they held on to a passion music. They did not have instruments so they learned to use their voices and developed a capella singing. A Capella is known as singing without accompaniment. Women and children join the men on the CD to show a change to a new way of life. The Apartheid ended in April 1994.



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