Background Information
Rain forests are always located around the equator. The rain forests in Africa are located along the Guinea coastline, Congo, and Zaire. Zaire holds the largest rain forest in Africa, it is located around the Zaire river (2). The climate in the rain forests is hot and humid. The temperature stays about the same through the year. They have a wet season and a dry season. During the dry season it is still very humid. The dry season is considered summer and the wet season is winter in the tropics. A tropical woodland is only a rain forest if it gets more than 100 inches of rain a year (4).

The Mbuti, known for their short stature, live in the African Rain forest. The Mbuti includes such groups as the Efe, the Aka, and the Bayaka. Rather than growing food they are mostly hunters and gathers. The boys hunt and the girls fish and gather vegetation. The girls must learn to distinguish poisonous plants from nonpoisonous. When the food supply is gone many of the people move on (5). "Members of the Efe ethnic group are very good archers. They roam the forest searching for food." People in the rain forest trade with the Bantu who live in villages supported by farming. Some Bantu raise cows, sheep, and goats.



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