Genre-Based Writing Units

Genre-based Writing Units, Spring 2009, ELED 6380 Improving Writing Instruction. Course taught by Dr. Sylvia Read. Students in this class wrote week-long (or longer) units that teach students to write in a particular genre. The lessons are scaffolded, beginning with an immersion phase in which students are made familiar with examples of the genre, and continuing on with modeling, shared, collaborative, and independent writing. The units also include phases of the writing process including pre-writing, drafting, revision, and publication.

College of Education
Utah State University



All About Me, a genre study for kindergarten

Ruth Ann Davenport

Biography Writing, 1st grade

Kris Miller

Free Verse poetry, elementary grades Piper Nuetzel

How-to books, primary grades

Brionne Thompson

Journal Writing and History, 5th grade

Joanne Hobbs

Letter Writing, 3rd grade

Nancy Hussey

Memoir, grades 4-6 Andrea Bostwick

Narrative Writing, 6th grade

Aubrey Vance

Nonfiction, 2nd grade

Lisa McFarland

Persuasive Nonfiction, 6th grade

Justin Skeen

Persuasive Writing, 2nd grade

Jessica Shaw

Persuasive Writing, grades 5-6, resource

Deb Wooley

Poetry and Song Writing, intermediate grades

Rebecca Johnson

Poetry Writing, 2nd grade

Shelly Prettyman

Poetry Writing, 3rd grade

Robin Merrill

Procedural Writing for Complex Processes, 3rd grade

Tyana McAnally

Script Writing, grades 4-6

Natalie Holt

Writing Biographies, 3rd grade Natalie Phillips
Writing Biographies, elementary grades Jean Hansen
Writing Fables, 1st grade Amy Kinney
Writing Free Verse Poetry, 1st grade Tracy Sutton
Writing Informational Texts, 2nd grade Joyce Dunning
Writing Nonfiction, 1st grade KayDee Shaffer
Writing Nonfiction, 3rd grade Anna Wylie
Writing Biographies, 3rd grade Tracy James
Writing Memoirs, 3rd grade Pahla Carden

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