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ESL Instructional Strategies Units

Prepared by Dr. Lisa Pray's ESOL Instructional Strategies Course Students

College of Education and Human Services
Utah State University

Students in the ESOL instructional strategies class were asked to adapt K-12 lesson plans used in mainstream classrooms to meet the needs of students who speak English as a second language. The modifications include providing:

  • Language objectives aligned with content objectives,
  • Instructional adaptations for students at the pre-production/early production, intermediate and fluent levels of English language proficiency,
  • Specific ESL strategies, cognitive, and metacognitive strategies to be used in the classroom,
  • Grouping strategies to provide interaction opportunities for ESL students
  • Assessment adaptations for students at the pre-production/early production, intermediate and fluent levels of English language proficiency

Lesson Title Grade Level(s) Author
4th Grade Reading Lesson Plan 4th Brooke Naylor
4th Grade Writing Lesson Plan 4th Brooke Naylor
Soil Profile 4th Candace McDonald
Las Christmas: Favorite Latino Authors Share Their Holiday Memories 8th Carly Bleadorn
“Holes” Activity 5th Carol DeFriez
Lesson Plan #3- Reading 2nd Cassie Frew
Inverse Operations (Multiply and Divide) 4th Chandra Martz
Moon Phases 6th Cynthia Russell
Vocabulary Lesson 9th Debra Brough
Content Lesson Plan - History 5th Donnell Olsen
Butterfly Life Cycle K Elaine Johnson
Writing (Animals) lesson plan Pre-K Hollie Allen
3rd Grade Geography Writing 3rd Jeanette Griffith
Maya Angelou’s Poetry 10th Jeff Knight
Student Mad Libs 7-8th Jessica Anderson
Family K Jessica Zilles
Writing Sentences Spanish I, II, or III Jonathan Marchant
Rural, suburban, and urban communities 2nd Josalyn Shaw Stevens
Library Media- Poetry 5th Julia Smith
Science- Parts of a Tree 2nd Julia Smith
Isaac Newton's 3rd Law of Motion 9th Katie Capener Hall
Classifying (living vs. non-living) 3rd Katie Cox
Descriptive Writing 4th Kelly Haramoto
Prepositions 7th Kim Gleason
Textiles 11-12th Mary Gedge
Planets of the Solar System 3rd Mary Hoyt
Compare maps to see the effects of history on the
3rd Megan Steadman
Pioneer Hardships & Causes 3rd Megan Steadman
Mexican Cessation 8th Melinda Thatcher
Rhyming Words K Melissa Giddings
Write Right Back: (Expectations for e-mail replies) 3rd Melissa Norman
Día de los muertos Adults Mike Olsen
Child Development - Isolated Children Case Studies 9-12th Nevaloni Pulotu
Statistics - Mean, Median, Mode 5th Nicole Welch
How Geography Influences Culture 8th Stasha Jameson
Debating - School Uniforms 5th Stephanie Taylor
The Works of Tomas Rivera 11th Steve Weller
Poem Collages 7th Tammy Lambert
Use fractions to communicate and compare parts of the whole 3rd Valerie Christensen

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Last modified 28 January 2008