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ESL Assessment Plans

Students in the ESL Assessment of English Language Learners class were asked to develop criterion-referenced assessments to appropriately assess ELLs performance on academic and language objectives.   Each assessment plan was to provide ELLs with the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the content objectives from the core curriculum according to their level of English language proficiency."

Lesson Title Grade Level(s) Author
Possible or Not Possible Allison Coffman
Writing a Complete Sentence Anita Lundgren
Describe, identify, and create geometric shapes. 2nd Chandra Martz
Alternate Ending 3rd - 5th Courtenay Mitchell
Our Town 3rd - 5th Courtenay Mitchell
What Do I Say 2nd - 5th Courtenay Mitchell
Animals 3rd Courtenay Mitchell
Talk Show Skit 3rd - 5th Emilay Ashton
Harriet the Spy 3rd Heather Ivereson
I Am Unique 8th Jackie Peterson
Eating at a Restaurant John Neil
Setting 8th Julie Call
Comparing and Contrasting 8th Julie Call
Math Fractions 3rd Katie Meyer
Concept Maps 5th Kelsy Schneiter
Weather 2nd Kristen Hauck
Water Cycle 3rd Lindsay Neidrich
Dear Editor 5th Lindsey
Descriptive Writing Matthew Smith
About My Friends 2nd Meagan Duffy
Venn Diagrams 2nd Meagan Duffy
Water Cycle Rachelle Tuttle
Dividing Fractions Rusty Rigby
Drawing Inferences 8th Sherry Anderson
Haiku Poetry Sherry Anderson
Description (Civil Rights Leader) Stasha Jameson
Categorizing Food 1st Stephanie Clark
Similarities and Differences 1st Stephanie Clark
Writing a Personal Experience 4th Susanna Nelson
Reading Comprehension Susanna Nelson
Identifying Natural Resources 3rd Yvonne Neville

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Last modified 25 September 2007