Introduction Lesson--Present slide show to children of themselves and pictures of American History. Have pictures and symbols of America throughout the room to discuss. These symbols include the Statue of Liberty, the American flag, the White House, present and past Presidents, the Capitol, Mount Rushmore, etc.


Developmental Lessons--

#1. Voting and elections--Click here

#2. Immigration--Read the book How Long to America? by Eve Bunting to the class. Have a discussion about the book and immigration. On a map, have children locate the country where they (or their ancestors) came from. Link that country with yarn to the city where they live now.

#3. Community helpers--Discuss the importance of community helpers and what they do. Examples may be postal workers, firemen, police officers, judges, EMTs, etc. Invite a community worker to visit and share with the class his/her responsibilities and contributions to our community.


Culmination Lesson--Start lesson by showing children two eggs. One is boiled and one is not. Point out to the children that they look the same. Crack the eggs and show that they are different. Have children compare the eggs to them as citizens of the United States. Cracked egg--Breaking laws, lack of respect, and making wrong choices. Boiled egg--Law abiding citizens, respecting others, and making correct choices. Children participate in an activity by separating into groups and making a cushion/basket for an egg to be dropped from a high distance. Object of the activity is to keep the egg safe and unharmed. Discuss results and again compare the egg to ourselves. Stress the importance of building a strong country through our community, government, and through our own actions.